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Jujube 2017 Launches 0


Welcome to the magic of Jujube, where we create stylish diaper bags that have you covered no matter what the day (or night) holds. From refined Legacy to fun tokidoki and Hello Kitty prints, we have designer diaper bags for any occasion or mood. And of course, all Jujube fashionable diaper bags are machine washable, ultra-organized and incredibly durable yet lightweight. Whether you seek a backpack or handbags, duffels or totes, even water bottles and wallets, Jujube has something to make mom life not only a little easier, but also a lot more glamorous!

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Shop 2017 launches
7 Feb - Super Toki & Sweet Victory
14 Mar - Coastal 1 (Coney Island, Nantucket, Newport, Palm Beach, Providence)
20 Apr - Coastal 2 (Annapolis & Cape Cod)
16 May - Coastal 3 (East Hampton & Key West)
16 May - Black Petals
31 May - Rosy Posy [Fully sold out]
27 Jun - Sea Punk [Fully sold out]
18 Jul - Knight Stars
15 Aug - Hello Friends
12 Sep - Tokipops
10 Oct - Cute But Deadly [Fully sold out]
7 Nov - Electric Black
5 Dec - Rainbow Dreams

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Collaboration - Binky Boppy x Ksisters 0

We recently collaborated with Jungmin from Ksisters for the photoshoot of one of their new launches and it was awesome!  

Ksisters is a leading provider of premium Korean apparels in Singapore and their twinning wear for mothers and daughters is especially popular.

We really love how the photos turned out and how the girls enjoyed their Chillafish BMXie Balance Bikes.

The Chillafish BMXie Balance Bike is in a class by itself: a BMX-styled bicycle frame that is made of a strong fiberglass reinforced composite material. This means the frame is more resilient to damage when compared to a steel frame and it is lightweight!

Superior design elements include a seat which adjusts without tools and a removable footrest.

In case you are wondering what a balance bike is, it is simply a bicycle without pedals. Balance bikes develop children's independence, sense of balance and prep them for learning how to ride a bike with pedals when the time comes.

Learning to ride a bike requires a lot of coordination. There's pedalling, steering, balancing and braking! Instead of overwhelming children with so many new skills, a balance bike focuses on just balance and steering - the two hardest cycling skills to master.


Shop for the BMXie as well as other balance bikes at our webstore.  Use code bmxie15 for 15% off all BMXie bikes.  Hurry coz this code will expire this Sunday 1 Oct.

Apart from BMXie, we also carry other wooden and plastic bikes and our smallest bikes are for children from 1 yr old so you will be sure to find something you and your little one will like.

These lovely pictures are taken by Angie from Confetti Peektures.

Winghouse Bags

Winghouse Bags 0

Winghouse safety harness backpacks are pure cuteness! The bags come with detachable safety harness and helps keep child safe and close, while allowing some freedom to explore the world around them.

These cute and functional kids bags are the hottest sensation in Korea now! Many designs from Disney, Marvel, Pororo, Momoailey and more!

The Back panel is made with mesh material for excellent sweat absorbance and also the strap buckles holds the strap together to prevent them from falling off the shoulder together.

Safety harness bags from winghouse are the ideal bags to get if your little one likes to run around, especially in crowded places! These bags let you hold on to them so they won't get lost! The safety harness are detachable so you can keep them when not in use 👍🏻

Mickey BagWinghouse MinnieWinghouse PoohCaptain America Bag
1. Original
Winghouse Safety Harness Backpack was launched in Korea in 2009 and has been leading the trend in children's bags ever since. 

2. Performance 
Winghouse Safety Harness Backpack doubles up as a bag and also a safety harness. Simple fix the strap and you are ready to go with your little one! When not needed, detach the strap and stow it away neatly with the band.

3. Ergonomics
Air-Mesh back panel is comfortable on the body and absorbs sweat well.
Backpack strap can be adjusted with the thick cushion helps feel shoulder comfortable.
A chest strap of edge the bag sticks to the body so the straps will not slip off the shoulders. 

4. Safety
Winghouse has the ISO 9000 certification, which is an international standard on quality management and quality assurance.
Separately, Winghouse has also attained the KC mark and has passed the non toxic-test on their products. Winghouse primarily uses eco-friendly fabrics that are safe for children.

5. Durability
Winghouse Safety Harness Backpack fits child’s hand so they are very easy to use by themselves.
Air-Mesh back panel absorbs sweat well and it fells comfortable even after using for a long time.

MomoaileyRoraaileyStar WarsIron Man

Click here to shop our full collection of Winghouse bags. 🎒

Binky Boppy x Kanga Care

Binky Boppy x Kanga Care 0

We are excited that Binky Boppy is now an official retailer for Kanga Care products! :)

Now heading into its 9th year, Kanga Care is one of the leading manufacturers for modern style cloth diapers on the market today. Kanga Care has a full line of unique, innovative and patented cloth diapers and accessory products. 

Kanga Care RumparoozCloth diapers are soft against your baby’s skin and are also free of the many chemicals contained in disposable diapers. Cloth diapers are the ultimate in recycling because they are used again and again and not entering a landfill until they are nothing but rags.

Kanga Care's mission is to provide the highest quality cloth diapers available reducing waste every day and working to make our planet a healthier, happier place.

The Kanga Care product lines includes Rumparooz One Size Cloth Diaper, Lil Joey Preemie and Newborn All In One Cloth Diaper, Ecoposh Recycled Organic Fitted Cloth Diaper and the entire line of Kanga Care brand cloth diapering accessories such as Wet Bags, Pail Liners, Changing Pads, Washable Liners and more.

Shop for your Kanga Care items on our webstore. We will be introducing more products in the weeks ahead, so look out for them here -> https://www.binkyboppy.com/collections/kanga-care

Jujube Tokipops - Full Collection 0

Jujube Tokipops is LAUNCHING next week!! Who else is excited!! Our trunk show will be on 11 Sep, details will be out by tomorrow so look out for it on our social media pages.

Here's a look at the full collection in the meantime for all of you to populate your shopping list.

Jujube Tokipops
Jujube Tokipops



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LennyLamb Authorised Dealer 0

We have been selling LennyLamb products for awhile now and it's great to receive this Certificate in the mail from them. Look out for more LennyLamb products in our webstore. Click here to shop now.

LennyLamb Authorised Distributor