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About Us

The Beginnings

Binky Boppy started as a desire that we have been dreaming about for years, and that is to build our own business.  

In 2013, we came across this wonderful balance bike from Chillafish for 1-3 years old children that got us really excited.  We shipped in a container of more than 600 bikes for our first order and sold them all very quickly!  It became an instant hit in Singapore, with orders streaming in from Malaysia as well.  Momentum started building up very swiftly from there.  We quickly expanded our products range, introducing helmets, scooters, trampolines, toys and more.  Now we carry other award winning brands like Kiddimoto, Winghouse, LennyLamb, Hugaboo and more.

As parents, we all want the best for our children.  For us, we prefer to limit the time our children spend on handheld devices or watching television and have fun doing other things instead.  That is why the products we source for must satisfy our criteria that it has to be products that promotes a healthy lifestyle and which we would also use for our own children.

What is Binky Boppy about?

Binky Boppy is an online store based in Singapore and we offer fun toys and products for babies and children. We carry products from America and Europe that are mostly unique to this part of South East Asia.

Apart from retailing on our webstore and participating regularly in baby/children's fairs and events, we also distribute our products to many retail shops islandwide.

How did you get the name?

When we were deciding on a name for our company, we wanted something funky and catchy, and something that is relevant to our business of baby products. Binky is the slang term for pacifier and Boppy is actually a baby pillow. We really love how it sounds when put together!

Our Mission

Our aim is to introduce products that are engaging and promote a fun and healthy lifestyle for young children.

Get in Touch

We are constantly working on introducing more unique and award-winning brands to add to our product range. 

If you like to collaborate with us or want to drop us a note, please do so via the contact us page or email us at info@binkyboppy.com

We are also on social media: Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram. We love to connect with you.