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Jujube Sea Punk Launch

Jujube Sea Punk

The secret's out!

Sea Punk is the upcoming Tokidoki print and it is scheduled to launch on 27 June at 3pm in Singapore. We have no indication at this point if the timing will change like it did for the previous launch and will update if we hear anything. 

The aquatic themed Sea Punk is set on a lovely dark navy color with a neon pink/white stripes lining. It looks absolutely amazing IRL! 

All Sea Punk items will be released at this direct link, bookmark it for easier access during the launch. We will release more information on our facebook page.

Below are all the styles that Sea Punk will be available in.

Fantastic update! Prices for BFF, BRB, Be Classy, Be Sporty and Itty Bitty Be have been adjusted downwards! Great opportunity to get one of these bags at a better price!

*prices updated as of 7 Jun

Style SGD
Be Prepared - Sea Punk  $299.00
B.F.F. - Sea Punk  $219.00
Be Classy - Sea Punk  $219.00
Be Right Back - Sea Punk  $199.00
Be Sporty - Sea Punk  $199.00
Hobobe - Sea Punk  $189.00
Super Star - Sea Punk  $139.00
Starlet - Sea Punk  $129.00
Minibe - Sea Punk  $115.00
Super Be - Sea Punk  $99.00
Be Set - Sea Punk  $85.00
Be Light - Sea Punk  $80.00
Be Rich - Sea Punk  $80.00
Be Spendy - Sea Punk  $80.00
Be Organized - Sea Punk  $65.00
Be Ready - Sea Punk  $65.00
Megatech - Sea Punk  $59.90
Itty Bitty Be - Sea Punk  $55.00
Be Quick - Sea Punk  $50.00
Fuel Cell - Sea Punk  $50.00
Microtech - Sea Punk  $49.90
Messenger Strap - Sea Punk  $40.00
Be Charged - Sea Punk  $35.00
Be Neat - Sea Punk  $35.00
Changing Pad - Sea Punk  $35.00
Paci Pod - Sea Punk  $35.00
Be Tagged - Sea Punk  $20.00
Coin Purse - Sea Punk  $9.90



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